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Do’s And Don’t’s When Taking Your Cocker Spaniels To Work


Cocker spaniels are some of the most lovable dog breeds, and anyone meeting a cocker for the first time will possibly fall in love with this dog’s friendly and cheerful nature. They are highly adaptable, outgoing and eager to please, making them easy to take to places for a stroll. Dogs in the workplace have

Puppy Bites: How to Stop it from Getting Out of Hand


Cute little puppies love to be playful, and this involves nipping, biting and discovering new things using their mouths. Learning for them includes knowing how a certain thing feels in their mouth. They may bite your finger, limbs or clothing as part of the learning process, and at six weeks this would not be a



One of the hardest parts of being a pet parent is leaving them at home while you go about your work. While cocker spaniels have great adaptability to home living, they can have very low tolerance to being alone. This might trigger anxiety, which in turn would make you anxious, too. They are also really

Tips to Make Water Play More Fun for Your Cocker Spaniel


The cocker spaniel is a well-loved and highly preferred breed of choice because of their cheerful and playful disposition. They are originally bred as bird-hunting dogs, and are therefore some of the most active breeds out there. A cocker’s sporty nature makes for great time doing water sports, and if you are one of those

Tips to Curb Barking


Dog barking is as natural to dogs as talking is to people. This behavior is their means of communication to their canine kind and to their humans, and it could signify different things, depending on the situation. For example, when they sense imminent danger, they would bark as a way to alert anyone around them of

Fun Activites Your Cocker Spaniel will Love


Cocker spaniels absolutely love, love, love to play! These are some of the most energetic breeds with a generally happy disposition, making them a beloved canine companion of choice. Originally bred as bird-hunting dogs, cockers are certainly pleasing as family members, always looking for a snuggle or a lively playtime with your kids. A cocker’s energy level is high

The Best Dog Beds


Where should you begin, when it’s time to buy your pooch a new doggie bed?  “It really just depends on what you think your dog’s likes and dislikes are,” says Dr. Danelle Capobianco, veterinarian at Buffalo, NY’s City Creatures Animal Hospital. “If you notice they spend a lot of time sitting on the floor in the corner, they might appreciate something with bolsters

Why do our dogs make us so happy?


Researchers are beginning to take a closer look at how our pets benefit us. Here are just a few reasons: They push us to be physically active: Dog owners walk 79% more each day than people with no dog. Scientific fact! They improve our health: Owning a dog is linked to reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and less likelihood of obesity. Pets lower stress and lift depression.

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