Fireworks might be some of the prettiest things to light up the sky, but it produces a great deal of noise that even humans get scared of. Your cocker spaniel is a highly adaptable dog and can tolerate noise well, but it differs from one pup to another.
Fireworks may cause a lot of stress and can trigger anxiety. To prevent this from happening, you have to help them calm down. If you see visible signs of stress, such as shaking, drooling, excessive barking or bowel problems, you can try one of these tips to help them recuperate.

For a few days leading up to a major event that lights up fireworks such as New Year’s, have your pup kept safely inside your house until the fireworks and partying have died down. There are pets that are flight-risk, meaning that they can up and escape outside in an attempt to avoid the noise. This would be more dangerous as it exposes them to stray sparks.

Noise can trigger anxiety, so be sure not to bring them anywhere near a firework show. The extremely loud booms can have a detrimental effect on their mental wellness. If your dog is prone to panic attacks, you should bring them the opposite direction from any fireworks display.

A few hours before the fireworks showcase start, plan multiple activities that can spend your cocker’s energy. They are naturally energetic sporting dogs and making sure they are active during the day can prompt them to sleep the whole night away. By tiring them out, there’s a great chance they will skip the fireworks and noise, and have a deep, restful slumber instead.

Talking about the flight risk that a firework show might trigger on your cocker, it is important that they can be identified, should they successfully escape from your yard. Get their ID tag updated with all the necessary information such your name, phone number, and maybe the name of your trusted vet clinic. This is a worst-case scenario, but it’s better to be prepared for any circumstances that may occur.

Sometimes, what it takes for your mutt to calm down is to just be there with you. The last thing you should do is leave them because cocker spaniels have a low tolerance to being alone. Surround them with things that bring them comfort, like their favorite stuffed toy or a blanket. Prepare comfort food and play some white noise in the background.
Once you get your dog distracted and occupied, she may eventually forget to pay attention to the noises outside.

If any of these tips aren’t as effective in helping your dog cope with any firework or noisy events, you might have to talk to your veterinarian about possible long-term care plans that can help them avoid stress and anxiety. It’s important to keep them healthy physically and mentally and get them protected from the negative effects of fireworks.