I cannot thank Kailynn enough for bringing such a wonderful puppy to my life. Kobe has been the easiest puppy I have ever had (he is my fifth). He absolutely loves people which I believe comes from such a healthy upbringing with Kailynn, her husband, and kids in their loving home. As a result he is quite the popular puppy with all humans, both adults and kids! He is also well-adjusted to new experiences: rather than being scared of loud noises like fire trucks, he is curious about them. He loves puppy class and always gets compliments from the trainer for how quickly he learns (I promise I am not biased!). He had already started potty training prior to my pick-up date, thus he learned it very quickly in his new home. Kailynn has put so much love and attention in breeding healthy and good-natured Cocker Spaniels. And I must admit her Cocker Spaniels are so beautiful; I have not gone a day without receiving a compliment about Kobe’s luxurious coat. Thank you again for changing my life for the better!