Molly has been such a fun addition to our family! She’s just one of the girls around here. We have 3 young children and one on the way and it’s busy around here! They made adding a puppy to the family such an easy transition! She came to us already crate trained and ready to


This bundle of joy has brought us so much happiness...I cannot thank you enough!! What I appreciated the most was the love and care that you gave our little Luna in preparation for her to come home...it made the transition so easy for her. She knew her name, was on a schedule, loves a bath,



I wanted to pass on she is the most hugged puppies in her training class. She has the best temperament of any of the previous six cockers we have had. Our four granddaughters adore her. She gets on well with people and other dogs. She is very smart she was completely house broken in two