705, 2019

6 Ways You And Your Cocker Spaniel Can Keep Fit Together

Lounging on the couch with your beloved cocker spaniel might be a lovely thing to do on a lazy morning, but there is nothing you can do once their wet nose touches your skin, urging you to get up and get out for that morning exercise. Indeed, your dog may

705, 2019

Choosing the Best Dog Walker for You Cocker Spaniel

Sometimes it cannot be helped when a pet owner is too busy with other important things to walk their dog. Fortunately, dog walking is now a competitive market, and there are a lot of dog walking services available near you. The only task left is to choose a reputable individual

705, 2019

Elder Care: Service Dogs for The Golden Years

Growing into seniority (age 65 and older) is one of the hardest transitions in life, and it’s not just because of the bodily changes that happen around these ages. As in Erickson’s 8thPsychosocial stage, Ego Integrity versus Despair, acclimating in golden ages depends on how satisfied they are about the

705, 2019

Need To Know Facts about Mercury In Dog Food

Pets are pretty much an owner’s child— you give them shelter, groom them and feed them, like you would to your own baby. They require a lot of effort and attention, since they can be vulnerable to external threats. Sometimes, these threats cannot be fought by a simple bark or

705, 2019

Do’s And Don’t’s When Taking Your Cocker Spaniels To Work

Cocker spaniels are some of the most lovable dog breeds, and anyone meeting a cocker for the first time will possibly fall in love with this dog’s friendly and cheerful nature. They are highly adaptable, outgoing and eager to please, making them easy to take to places for a stroll.

2404, 2019

Puppy Bites: How to Stop it from Getting Out of Hand

Cute little puppies love to be playful, and this involves nipping, biting and discovering new things using their mouths. Learning for them includes knowing how a certain thing feels in their mouth. They may bite your finger, limbs or clothing as part of the learning process, and at six weeks

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