Cocker Spaniels


When it comes to dog breeds, it can be hard to pick a favorite. Dogs of all sizes and various breeds can be equally as adorable. They all have their own attributes and personalities. However, when it comes to the best family dog breed, there is one clear answer: the American Cocker Spaniel. When you have a family, you need to be much more careful about the dog breed you select. Not all dogs are sociable or get along well with kids. However, families all around the country prefer cocker spaniels as companions, due to their gentle and loving behavior. Here are just a few more reasons why cocker spaniels make the best family dog breed:


Many families adore their American Cocker Spaniel because it is so incredibly friendly. While cocker spaniels can be wary of new people occasionally, they warm up to strangers quite quickly and are always interested in playing. Their friendly nature makes them perfect for families because it means they can be trusted around both children and guests.


Every cocker spaniel- but especially puppies- are extremely playful. Cocker spaniels love playing around with everyone from children to adults. However, their playful nature is what makes them the perfect family dog breed when children are concerned. While some dogs grow very anxious around children, cocker spaniels are not that way. Children tend to be very active and like to run around. Cocker spaniels are a dog breed that can not only keep up with them, but instigate the fun!


The American Cocker Spaniel is very affectionate. In fact, they are known for their sweet temperament and are huge fans of cuddling! This is one of the main reasons why cocker spaniels make such wonderful family dogs. Young children don’t often know how to behave properly around dogs and may surprise them with hugs or cuddles. Most cocker spaniels, because of their temperament, aren’t alarmed by this and actually enjoy the attention.


Cocker spaniels create very strong bonds with others. This is what makes them so incredibly loyal. Their loyalty means that they will protect their families fiercely, while also giving love and affection to the family members.

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