Dog Care

Vaccinating Your Dog

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While you must vaccinate your dog against some diseases, and maywant your pet vaccinated against others, vaccines can be costly – and come with side effects. Benefits of vaccination far outweigh risks, but careful assessment of risk factors should be undertaken to establish an appropriate vaccination protocol for each animal. Recent investigation into the origins

Running With Your Dog

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There’s no better bonding activity than running with your dog.But don’t start when your pet’s too young! Hard surfaces can damage joints; bones have not yet fully formed. Wait until areas of bone growth have begun to close and harden, which varies by breed. Young or old, get clearance from your vet to ensure your

ALERT: Asian Strain of Canine Distemper

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It’s suspected that ashipment of animals that a Canadian animal welfare organization rescued from a South Korean meat market last fall (in October 2018) brought the Asian-1 strain of Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) into Canada. One of the dogs in the shipment developed a cough and appeared lethargic two weeks after its arrival, and within ten days the dog had developed muscle twitches and seizures, and ultimately had


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Cocker spaniels make lovely pets simply because they areincredibly affectionate, adaptable and are easy to train. You can take them outside for a vigorous exercise, or you can just chill on the couch and they’ll be snuggling up to you sweetly. Cocker spaniels are a great breed of dogs for family, so imagine if one