Are Cocker Spaniels Good with Cats?


So, one day you may suddenly ask yourself: are cocker spaniels good with cats? The question may just pop up if you are planning to raise cats along with your cocker spaniel. Well, the cliché goes that dogs and cats do not mix. However, real-life is more complicated and a whole lot more easygoing than

How to Spot Infections in Cocker Spaniel Ears


Cocker Spaniel ears are cute to look at. When groomed right, they usually are long, soft, and silky. Why check for infections? Caring for the cocker spaniel goes beyond cleaning them with the best shampoos. You also need to look out for its health. Cocker spaniel ears are especially prone to infections. All the

Guidelines to Cleaning Cocker Spaniel Eyes


Cleaning your cocker spaniel’s eyes regularly is an important part of their grooming schedule. In this guide, we are going to discuss how to do that effectively. Steps to Cleaning Cocker Spaniel Eyes First, go to your veterinarian to ask about the best sterile saline solution you can use for your pet. You may

Top 5 shampoos for cocker spaniels


Cocker spaniels were initially trained as hunting dogs. Today, they are cared for as house pets, but still remain highly trainable. Their long, luxurious fur need frequent grooming. With the best shampoo for cocker spaniels, their coats remain soft and silky. Here are the five best shampoos for cocker spaniels:

Cocker Spaniels and the influencing factors on their lifespan


Cocker Spaniel Lifespan should be an area of interest and education for an owner of this amazing breed. An effective way to enjoy your best friend for many years is to understand factors that can harm the health and longevity of your pet. The Cocker Spaniel’s even-temperament, beautiful coat, and aristocratic nature led to many

The evolution of the Cocker Spaniel Breeds


The Cocker Spaniel breed has been around since the 14th century, bred in Spain as a hunting dog. The Spaniels were specifically bred for ‘flushing out’ birds during a hunt (mostly woodcocks) and retrieving them. Spaniel is derived from ‘Spanish dog’ and the word ‘Cocker’ was added as a pre-fix due to the dog’s skill

Three of the most popular haircuts for your Cocker Spaniel


A Cocker Spaniel haircut is certainly not a task that just any novice can undertake as they have a double-layered luxurious coat that also grows very fast. The double coat is inherent in various dog-breeds breeds and serves a significant purpose. The undercoat serves as protection from severe temperatures while the outer layer acts as

Everything you need to know about Cocker Spaniel weight


Cocker Spaniel weight is one of the points of concern for the owners. Cocker Spaniels are generally the best gentle, friendly, and calm temperament dogs that can be best fitted in your family as a pet. They are more enthusiastic and active breed dogs. Factors crucial for the weight of Cocker Spaniel: The ideal cocker

How Much Do Cocker Spaniels Shed—Or Do They Shed at All?


If you’re the new fur parent of an adorable Cocker Spaniel or thinking about getting one, one of the first questions to be curious about is: how much do they shed? Do they shed at all? We’ve all wondered about the same thing, particularly since it’s common knowledge that dogs can shed. In this guide,

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