So, one day you may suddenly ask yourself: are cocker spaniels good with cats? The question may just pop up if you are planning to raise cats along with your cocker spaniel. Well, the cliché goes that dogs and cats do not mix. However, real-life is more complicated and a whole lot more easygoing than that.

So let me ask that question again: are cocker spaniels good with cats?

The short and simple answer to this is: It depends.

It depends on the age combination

For example, your cocker spaniel is still a rowdy and adventurous puppy. A grown cat may not like this brand of playfulness. It is cute for humans but just pure annoying for your grown cat. When a cat gets furious, you know that it can just bare its teeth and scratch with its sharp claws. Your poor pup will not be able to handle this. If this setup cannot be avoided, then give your cat a place to retreat. It values its quiet time, without a puppy bouncing around. Your cocker spaniel, on the other hand, may have its own comfy crate to settle in.

If the cocker spaniel is the grown one, you need to make it feel safe and wanted before introducing the cute little kitten. Given the usual care that it is used to, the cocker spaniel may welcome the kitten. Tread carefully, because jealousy can also get deadly.

If both are grown, they may just go their own way. When you are there, they will especially show you peace around each other. A cocker spaniel may not be as nice to strange cats it sees outside the home.

The best scenario seems to start with a pup and a kitten. They begin their lives in the same home and are more used to each other. They will end up playing together, but may grow apart later.

Are cocker spaniels good with cats if they are brought up together?

You get to decide how this will play out. Here are some tips on making sure that your cocker spaniels can be harmonious with your pet cats.

  • You can bring them up together as pup and kitten.
  • You should provide each of them enough attention so none of them gets jealous.
  • Provide them both with the best care possible.
  • Set up blocked doors and stair access. This way, your cat can get away from your dog if push comes to shove.
  • Provide them with gentle introductions. This way, you will know if one will act aggressively to the other. When that happens, remove the threatened pet away.
  • Separate their sleeping areas and food supplies. You don’t want them fighting over food.
  • Make each get used to the other’s scent by leaving a blanket or towel the other one had used near its bedding area.
  • Put them at opposite ends of a baby gate or dog crate to get them used to each other’s scent without being able to pounce on each other.

Are cocker spaniels good with cats all the time?

Well, your cocker spaniels can get used to the cats that they have been brought up with. It can happen. Some owners have proven this and have even documented the interactions between their cocker spaniels and their cats. However, these same cocker spaniels may not have the same attitude towards cats that they have not been brought up with. They are strangers – and possibly dangerous – for them.

So, are cocker spaniels good with cats? This is a possibility, but it will take some effort and observation from you. Follow the tips above closely.