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Potential Reasons for Cocker Spaniels changing Temperament


If your dog’s personality seems a bit different, it’s something to pay attention to. A dog’s temperament doesn’t change on a whim; there’s always a reason for it. Some of them are more serious than others, so always check with your vet or a professional behaviorist with any questions or concerns. Age Like people, dogs

Why Do Cocker Spaniels Sniff? Is Sniffing Good for Dogs?


When you’re on a walk with your cocker spaniel, you’ll notice them stopping to sniff at every fire hydrant, telephone pole, and tree they come across. You’ve probably wondered why this happens, and whether it’s good for your dog to be sniffing this much. Good news, it’s a great thing! In this article, we’ll be

5 Reasons why Cocker Spaniels Love to Dig so Much


Does your backyard look like the surface of the moon? Are your cocker spaniel’s paws constantly dirty? Are you worried that your pup will dig too close to the fence and escape? And are you wondering just why the love to tear up the yard? Well, this article will list 5 reasons why your cocker