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5 Things To Remember When Hiking With Your Cocker


Exploring the great outdoors is an adventure in itself, but it becomes a lot more memorable when you take your beloved cocker to one of your trips. The cocker spaniel is a sporting dog and loves to hunt the woods. They get instant happiness just being by being outside, and they are easy to tag

Choosing The Right Puppy As A Service Dog


Service dogs are God-given gifts to humans. They are the epitome of the title ‘man’s best friend’ because they are some of the most dependable and lifesaving pets to ever exist. They are trustworthy pups that can look after your well-being and become lifelong companions who can boost your morale and keep you happy. Now,

Raw Food Diet: Is It Right For Your Dog?


Before people have domesticated dogs into pets, their diets consisted mainly of raw food—bone, raw meat, and even fruits and vegetables. It is only during the time when they were first welcomed to homes that the dry dog food became the staple meal for pets. However, the raw food diet is making a comeback among

Fireworks And Your Cocker: How To Keep Them Safe


Fireworks might be some of the prettiest things to light up the sky, but it produces a great deal of noise that even humans get scared of. Your cocker spaniel is a highly adaptable dog and can tolerate noise well, but it differs from one pup to another. Fireworks may cause a lot of stress

5 Activities Your Dog Will Love This Summer


Summers are some of the hottest days of the year, and it actually poses a health risk for you and your cocker spaniel. Much like humans, our furry friends may suffer from the detrimental effects of the sun, namely heat stroke. It’s only fitting to keep cool this summer… and also have some fun while

6 Ways You And Your Cocker Spaniel Can Keep Fit Together


Lounging on the couch with your beloved cocker spaniel might be a lovely thing to do on a lazy morning, but there is nothing you can do once their wet nose touches your skin, urging you to get up and get out for that morning exercise. Indeed, your dog may be able to instill physical

Choosing the Best Dog Walker for You Cocker Spaniel


Sometimes it cannot be helped when a pet owner is too busy with other important things to walk their dog. Fortunately, dog walking is now a competitive market, and there are a lot of dog walking services available near you. The only task left is to choose a reputable individual or company that would best

Elder Care: Service Dogs for The Golden Years


Growing into seniority (age 65 and older) is one of the hardest transitions in life, and it’s not just because of the bodily changes that happen around these ages. As in Erickson’s 8thPsychosocial stage, Ego Integrity versus Despair, acclimating in golden ages depends on how satisfied they are about the life they have led. This

Need To Know Facts about Mercury In Dog Food


Pets are pretty much an owner’s child— you give them shelter, groom them and feed them, like you would to your own baby. They require a lot of effort and attention, since they can be vulnerable to external threats. Sometimes, these threats cannot be fought by a simple bark or exposure of canine teeth. For

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