Cocker spaniels are some of the most lovable dog breeds, and anyone meeting a cocker for the first time will possibly fall in love with this dog’s friendly and cheerful nature. They are highly adaptable, outgoing and eager to please, making them easy to take to places for a stroll.

Dogs in the workplace have become acceptable in modern times, although it is still a work on progress. There are certain issues that surround this scenario, particularly in dog behavior and caretaking. There is much to discuss about bringing dogs to work, particularly the acclimation of the dog to the new environment, and coworkers to the presence of a pet.

In certain studies, there are evidences to benefits of bringing dogs to work. They can be stress relievers since pets are mood boosters. They also provide a more active way of spending breaks, lessening boredom in the office. Dogs in the workplace promote a healthier lifestyle and increased job satisfaction, urging employees to stay.

If you are looking to bring your cocker to work for the first time, here are a few simple guidelines that you can follow to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for everyone, including your furry friend:

Do Consider Pet Attitude

We tend to be biased when it comes to our pets, preferring leniency over discipline when it comes to negative behavior. The key to successfully bringing your dog to the office is to first think whether they are suitable for the environment. The cocker can become excited easily, and this can be a potential cause for disturbance in the work dynamic. If your dog is an excessive barker, you might want to rethink about bringing them to the office.

Don’t Leave Your Cocker To Coworker Unless They Volunteer

You know how annoying it is assigns you a task you do not want to do? This might happen when you ask your coworker to look after your dog, even if you ask nicely. The workplace is where everyone does a certain job, so chances are your coworker might not have the time to care for your dog, unless they volunteer. It is your responsibility to care for your dog when you bring them to office, so be prepared for it.

Do Bring All The Essentials

Pack for your pup’s little trip and make sure not to forget anything they need, like a chew toy, treats, food, and a bed so they can take naps and prevent them for getting bored. They will feel more at home if you provide them with basic care that you do at home.

Don’t Forget Potty Breaks

To avoid any potty accidents and prevent any marks on the office floor, take notice of your cocker’s bathroom breaks. You can start with giving them the go on 2- to 3-hour intervals, until they acclimate to the new potty area.

For your cocker to love the workplace, he has to feel welcomed and at home, so be sure to introduce him to your coworkers and vice versa. Also, do not leave them unattended, because this could trigger fear and anxiety. Bringing dogs to the workplace, if done right, is beneficial not only to you but to everyone in the office.