There are support dogs that exist for a wide variety of conditions. Autism support dogs are designed to make the lives of those with autism much easier. Autism is a mental condition that inhibits someone’s abilities to form relationships and have conversations. Like many other diseases, autism exists on a spectrum. While those low on the spectrum can still be fully functioning, others typically require some additional help. A support dog is a wonderful way to give those with autism the extra support and attention that they need. Here’s why:

Improves socialization skills

Reduces familial stress/worry

Introduces something new

-those with autism stick to routine best/are scared of change

Helps owner relax

-pressure of head can help with overwhelming feeling due to anxiety, too many senses

Less fear/anxiety

More confident

-cuz unconditional love/support from dog

Increased safety

-esp on road– easily distracted cuz sensory sensitivity

Cocker spaniel/English golden retriever mix = best breed

Autism support dogs play such an important role in helping those with autism navigate through their daily lives. The long-lasting effects of Autism support dogs on their owners is absolutely astounding. Support dogs help those with autism to feel loved, valued, calm and collected.