Dog parks are like a sanctuary for dogs. They get to run around, play with other dogs and get so much exercise that they’re panting within a few minutes! Dog parks are great for dog owners, too! You get to socialize with other owners at the park while your furry friends bond. However, there is a specific etiquette that comes along with dog parks. Whether you bring in a teacup poodle or a cocker spaniel, here are some rules to follow:

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Dog park must haves

Doggie water bowl
Plenty of plastic bags
Towels (if muddy/dirty)

Dog park etiquette tips

Stay in control
Be attentive
Know how to diffuse dog fights
Keep big and small dogs segregated
Don’t bring a young puppy

Best San Diego dog parks

Ocean Beach Dog Beach
Nate’s Point Dog Park
Grape Street Dog Park

Dog park etiquette is absolutely crucial. If you don’t know how to handle your dog at the dog park, you could disrupt everyone else’s experience, as well. Before bringing your pup to the dog park, be sure that they are well-behaved and that you are ready to commit to cleaning up after them.