It’s the beginning of October and, if you’re like the rest of us, you’re already thinking about Halloween! While it’s still a few weeks away, Halloween marks the beginning of the festive holiday season. Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then New Year’s! There’s nothing more fun than getting into the holiday spirit- and it all starts with Halloween. If you’re a dog-lover, then you might feel bad leaving your precious chihuahua or American cocker spaniel at home while you enjoy the October’s spooky festivities. So why not make them a part of your holiday? Here are a few ways to get your dog involved in this year’s Halloween celebrations:

Dress them up

Halloween is all about the costumes! So why not get your American cocker spaniel in on the fun, too? There are so many different doggy Halloween costumes. You can dress your pup up as a festive pumpkin, free-spirited butterfly, or even an ancient dinosaur! While some dogs aren’t the biggest fans of costumes, many love the chance to dress up and show off!

Host a Halloween puppy party

If you really want your dog to partake in traditional Halloween festivities, then you should throw them their own Halloween party! Invite all of their doggy friends- and their owners- and you will both have a great time. There are plenty of dog-friendly Halloween-inspired treats that you can make for the party guests. You can even hold a puppy costume contest!

Bake some dog-friendly treats

For us adults, Halloween is all about the candy. However, our furry friends aren’t able to enjoy the same treats that we can! But that shouldn’t stop you from baking them some festive and delicious treats of their own! There are plenty of recipes online for dog-friendly desserts ranging from pumpkin fro-yo bites to Halloween brownies.

Head to the pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch is such a fun place to visit in the fall season. As adults, it’s such a blast to browse the pumpkin patch, play in the leaves, and pick out our own pumpkin to carve on the 31st. Did you know that your American cocker spaniel could enjoy the pumpkin patch, too? Just think about it! Your dog would have wide, open space to roam around and crunch in the leaves. If you want to celebrate the Halloween season with your dog, what better way to start than by taking them on a new adventure?

The truth is, dogs love the holidays as much as we do! Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, dogs- especially the AKC cocker spaniel- feed off of your excited energy and have a blast. This Halloween, let your dog get involved in the festivities and they’ll love it that much more! There’s nothing your pup loves more than spending quality time with you. Whether you wear matching costumes with your dog this Halloween or throw them their very own Halloween party, all that matters is that you enjoy the holiday with your best friend.