If you’re the new fur parent of an adorable Cocker Spaniel or thinking about getting one, one of the first questions to be curious about is: how much do they shed? Do they shed at all? We’ve all wondered about the same thing, particularly since it’s common knowledge that dogs can shed.

In this guide, you will find the answer to this question, and give you an idea of how best to groom your American Cocker Spaniel so that they look happy and healthy all the time.

Do Cocker Spaniels shed?

Firstly, the shortest answer would have to be yes, but probably not as much as other people assume. As a dog breed, cockers can experience shedding in their lifetime. However, most American Cocker Spaniel shed very little, or even not at all. They can shed to a certain degree, but compared to other dogs, the cocker spaniel is definitely not the worst shedder.

While it varies from an individual pup to another, you’ll have relatively fewer headaches when it comes to the shedding of your cocker. As long as you keep them groomed regularly, you won’t meet too much trouble trying to care for your Cocker Spaniel.

Even if the American Cocker Spaniel is shed-free or sheds very little, it’s important to note that they have delicate coats, and as such, need a bit more work to ensure that their coats are healthy and top quality. It’s fortunate for cocker owners that they don’t shed so much, but they also need more attention with their grooming.

Grooming tips for your Cocker Spaniel

Your cocker will barely shed during their lifetime, but that does not give you an excuse to skip some grooming routine. On the contrary, the American Cocker Spaniel requires regular maintenance of their coat.

When you brush their hair regularly, the loose strands will gather up easily on the brush, making it more manageable than letting these hairs tangle or drop out to the ground. Cockers who are bathed on a schedule and brushed at least twice per week will even shed a lot less compared to those who aren’t well-groomed.

The American Cocker Spaniel’s delicate coat needs extra effort on your end, but showing them love includes making sure that their hair stays shiny and healthy all the time. Not only do grooming regularly save you from cleaning loose strands frequently, but it also helps your cocker be fit inside and out.

To groom your American Cocker Spaniel correctly, you need to buy the right brush and use a good shampoo. Use the sickle brush, with its little curve that latches on to loosened hairs so that you can gently pull them out without hurting your pup. For the shampoo, you can pick something all-natural or a shampoo-and-conditioner combo.
You can also ask your veterinary about the best options for grooming care options so that you know that you’re using products recommended by experts.

Shedding is not a big issue for the American Cocker Spaniel, so you can relax knowing that your beloved fur baby will not have much of a shedding problem in their life. Aside from feeding them adequately and giving them moderate exercise, you also need to ensure that their coat is getting enough care from you as a parent. If you love your cocker, regularly grooming them is not a chore but a habit!