There are so many dog beds on the market today that it can be difficult to choose which one to buy! While dog beds used to be newspapers on the floor, dog beds today are soft, plush and luxurious! If you want to know how to pick the perfect dog bed for your bulldog or cocker spaniel, here are a few things that you should take into consideration:

Weigh and measure your doggie

Some pet sizes are based on weight, while others are based on size. It’s important to both weigh and measure your dog (when they are stretched out!) so that you can get a bed that is supportive enough and big enough. If you get a bed that won’t carry their weight, they will flatten the cushions and be uncomfortable.

Find a puppy bed location

The size and shape of dog bed that you get will depend on where you will put it. If you want your dog to sleep in the corner of your room, but it’s quite small, then you will need to get a smaller bed. It can help to measure the area that you plan to put the puppy bed to guarantee that the one you purchase will fit.

Consider health conditions

If your dog has any health conditions like arthritis, they may need a special dog bed. Some beds offer extra cushion or heating pads for pain relief. If your dog has sore joints or is always cold, this would be the best option.

Check bed’s washing instructions

Before purchasing any dog bed, check the washing instructions. You should wash your pup’s bed at least every other week, which means that it should be easily washable. If it has complicated washing instructions, it will likely be more trouble than it’s worth.

Make sure bed is padded

The last thing that you want to do is buy your dog an unsupportive bed. If there isn’t enough padding, your dog’s bones and joints will press against the hard floor and become incredibly sore. This is a concern especially for larger dogs that are heavier. Before taking a dog bed out of the store, be sure that it’s properly padded.

There are countless dog beds on the market today. Your dog is bound to love nearly any bed that you put in front of him- but it’s important that you check the factors above before getting a doggy bed. Without weighing and measuring your furry friend, as well as taking their health conditions into consideration, you could end up getting an unsupportive doggie bed.