A Cocker Spaniel haircut is certainly not a task that just any novice can undertake as they have a double-layered luxurious coat that also grows very fast. The double coat is inherent in various dog-breeds breeds and serves a significant purpose.

The undercoat serves as protection from severe temperatures while the outer layer acts as a deterrent for dirt and damp to get into direct contact with its body. However, the thickness of the hair causes it to become matted and tangled quite easily.

We are going to discuss 3 (three) of the most practical and popular Cocker Spaniel haircuts.

1. The Sport Cut (or puppy cut)

This is the simplest form of a Cocker Spaniel haircut, which is practical especially during the Summer- months as it eliminates entanglements.

  • The hair on the entire body of the Spaniel is cut to the same length close to the body, leaving a maximum of an inch or two (3-4 cm) of hair.
  • It must be just long enough as you don’t want your pet to feel naked!
  • To maintain a bit of the traditional look, a few locks on the topcoat can be cut shorter than the hair on the back
  • The ears can be trimmed short or left just a little longer to maintain the characteristic Cocker Spaniel look.

2. The Princess haircut

While this Cocker Spaniel haircut looks glamorous and the envy of all your friends and neighbors, it is definitely one of the more challenging styles to maintain.

  • The hair hangs down barely touching the floor, looking like a long, classy evening dress with fancy lining. Even the ears are left with a soft lining.
  • Pet stylists love this hairstyle due to its versatility. Having lots of hair to work with, makes styling easier.
  • For home styling, you can use a hairdryer to straighten the hair on the ‘skirt’ or simply leave it and allow it to naturally adopt the classic curly look.

3. The Catwalk haircut

Catwalk haircut

This one is a classic ‘show-stopping’ hairstyle for the breeds that can flaunt their luscious, long tresses. This hairstyle is mostly reserved and favored at the dog shows,

  • A professionally trained dog stylist will cut your pet’s hair in very specific layers with the fringe being left longer around the face and chest areas.
  • The hair along the back is styled a little shorter than the front. An expert stylist will give it the perfect polished finish.
  • From the legs onwards, the hair falls in full length to the floor.
  • This style gives the appearance of a cascading waterfall, absolutely striking!

To maintain this Catwalk hairstyle will require daily grooming at home.

  • You will need to untangle the long tresses and use a metal pin brush for brushing the coat.
  • Carefully inspect the underside of your dog for deposits of grime or dirt and gently clean it with dry shampoo if you have.

If you want to learn the techniques to perform a basic Cocker Spaniel haircut, you could watch the Youtube video in this link:

How to groom a cocker spaniel

However, if you’re not confident, rather take your Cocker Spaniel to a professional dog stylist to ensure that no unintentional harm is done to your beloved pet.

For techniques on effective grooming for your Cocker Spaniel, you can watch this link: