Cocker Spaniel temperament is generally calm and playful, which makes them best fitted in your family as a pet. They are the best companions to kids for their playful and energetic qualities.

These are the best dogs to keep as a pet for the whole family members because they can quickly get closer to children, adults, and others as well. You can take them along for a long daily walk in a park and groom them at home by properly taking care of them.

Cockers take a more extended period to get mature as compared to other dog breeds. They get mature at the age of 3 years.

Cocker Spaniel Temperament

  • Temperament and behaviors of dogs can be shaped during raising and training them. There are two types of breeds, the American Cocker Spaniel and the other is English Cocker Spaniel. They both have the same social, friendly temperament. Due to their friendly and peaceful nature towards strangers, they do not appear to be good guards for the house, because they won’t bark on an unfamiliar face.
  • They also remain peaceful and calm with other animals. Cocker Spaniel temperament is mostly obvious with mood swings too and lousy temper sometimes. So, if you have children at home, then be very careful to choose the cocker. Some of these dogs don’t bear any nonsense as kids do some funny and crazy action with them.
  • Cocker Spaniel temperament makes them yearn for a company as they want to live with people all the time. They do not like to be left alone for even some time. They show their feelings of happiness through barking and actions.
  • By keeping them socialized and taking them outside can make them feel fresh and happy. In this way, they can vanish their depression and stress too.

Personality Traits

  • Cocker Spaniels have sweet, friendly, and pleasing personality traits. They are active and healthy dogs, also called ‘gundogs.’
  • They are popular as a most sensitive dog, both mentally and physically. Cockers need someone all the time around them to take better care of them and love them unconditionally. They have a very soft heart and can’t bear rude behaviors.

Training Attributes

It is essential to train them with a calm temperament because they only follow you very well when you are sweet with them. Otherwise, they will not respond to harsh attitudes while training. They need to be handled with love and care to bring out the best personality traits in them. You need a lot of patience and effort to train them properly with a positive attitude.

Possessive in nature

  • The cocker spaniel temperament makes them very possessive to guard their food and people. They don’t want to share their things with others because of their over possessiveness nature. They are overprotective about their toys, owners, and food throughout their lives.
  • You need to train them at least not to overreact on such things. You are not able to exclude this behavior from them but can neutralize this fact that they won’t get angry about these things.

Importance of Physical Fitness

  • Cocker Spaniels requires a regular exercise for physical fitness. Daily an hour walk, and playing of the fetch game is essential to keep them active. More activity can make them calmer and happier. There is a true saying that ‘ A tired dog is a happy dog.’
  • They are very active, energetic, and enthusiastic dogs. They would love to go with you on some adventure activities like hiking and swimming.
  • Good exercise can burn the excess calories of the dog to keep them less energetic and tired to make some mischief.

Cocker Spaniel as a Good Family Dog

  • Cocker Spaniels are a good family dog as a family pet. It’s better to train them when they are little pups because, at a young age, it’s easy to train them best rather than at a mature age.
  • They behave very lovingly towards the children and play with them. You just need to teach your children not to act roughly with them; otherwise, they will also become aggressive very soon and can bite the children.

Cocker Spaniels are gentle, friendly, trustworthy, affectionate, and happy dogs. They have a lovely, caring, and non-aggressive temperament towards all family members, especially with children, because they are good with them.

They are the easy-going, gladsome, and cheery type of dogs, and it’s effortless to train them properly and teach them manners, especially when they are little puppies. At that time, they can learn all the manners properly and act accordingly when they grow up as an adult.