There’s no holiday as magical as Christmas. Between the red and green decoration, the smell of pine in the air, and delicious treats, Christmas is the ultimate holiday for many of us. If you got an American cocker spaniel this year, then Christmas will be even more exciting for you because it will be your dog’s first Christmas! When you bring a dog into your home for the first time, so many things change. You become more attentive, more careful, and more loving. During Christmas, it also means that there will be a few extra presents under the tree for your beloved pup! Here are a few puppy-approved gift ideas for your dog this Christmas:

Stuffing-free squeak toy: Stuffing-free squeak toys are ideal puppy presents. Many dog toys are filled with stuffing, which means that they get completely destroyed the first day your American cocker spaniel comes in contact with them. Stuffing-free squeak toys still give your dog the satisfying squeak without leaving a trail of stuffing.

Kong: Nothing beats the classic Kong toy. The AKC cocker spaniel- and nearly every other dog breed- go crazy for this toy! Just put some peanut butter inside the toy and your dog will be occupied for hours.

Rope toy: Cocker spaniels love to play. They’re also quite strong dogs, which means that they need durable toys. Your American cocker spaniel will go crazy if they see a rope toy sticking out of their stocking this year! Not only is this toy durable, but it also allows you to play with your dog. Make Christmas extra special by suggesting a game of tug-of-war!

Food-dispensing dog toy: Toys are getting more and more advanced. Now, there are toys that dispense treats- all on their own! These toys make great Christmas gifts because they stimulate your dog’s brain, keep them busy, and give them a treat all at the same time.

Christmas sweater: There’s nothing cuter than a doggy Christmas sweater! Include one of these in your dog’s Christmas gifts and you’ll get the most adorable Christmas card ever!

Dog-friendly bubble machine: Dogs love chasing bubbles. However, the typical bubble mixture wasn’t exactly made for consumption. So why not get your dog a bubble machine that uses non-toxic, dog-friendly bubble mixture? This will keep your American cocker spaniel busy for hours!

Interactive ball thrower: It’s fun playing catch with your AKC cocker spaniel, but what if they could throw the ball for themselves? With an interactive ball thrower, they can. All you need to do is place the ball in the device and it will throw the ball for your dog.

We all love getting presents on Christmas- even our pets! Whether you have an American cocker spaniel, an AKC cocker spaniel, or a Labrador retriever, your pup will love all of the presents on this list. They’ll be even more excited to open them than you will be to open your own gifts! And nothing beats the joy and excitement on your pup’s face.