There’s nothing more unappealing than seeing ugly dog treat boxes and large plastic counters littered around your kitchen. While we all love our chihuahuas and American cocker spaniels, taking care of them can oftentimes lead to a disorganized mess. But it doesn’t have to! If you want some chic and creative ways to store dog treats at home, here are a few ideas:

DIY doggie mason jars

To make these doggie treat mason jars, simply find a dog figurine, hot glue it to the mason jar lid, and spray paint both the lid and the figurine. You can make several mason jars with different colors and keep biscuits, treats, and kibble inside! While this chic treat storage idea is simple, it’s adorable and can last quite a while.

Upcycled metal tin canister

When it comes to storing and organizing dog food, why not upcycle an old metal tin? We all have old metal tins lying around that used to hold things like coffee and cookies. Instead of letting them float around, put them to good use! You can spray paint the outside of the metal tin, use dog-themed stencils and even write your pup’s name on it! With this one simple DIY project, you could have a chic way to store treats at home.

Refurbished “furniture”

If you don’t want your dog’s treats to be visible at all, a chic way of storing and organizing them is to hide them inside fake furniture. To do this, just find a cheap, small wardrobe and decorate it yourself. You can place it anywhere in your home, so it can serve as both decoration and dog treat storage!

Repurposed trash can

If you’re really on a budget, you’d be surprised how chic a repurposed trash can can actually be! If you want another way to store treats at home, take a trash can, wash it thoroughly, and decorate it! With this unique storage method, you can leave dog food and dog treats in their original bags and just stack them inside the can!

Cute hamper

The last chic dog treat storage method is to use a cute hamper! If you don’t have much room for treat storage, you can always place an extra hamper in the bathroom or laundry room and use it for dog treat storage. No one will be the wiser!

There are several chic ways of storing and organizing dog food. These handy tricks can come in handy when you’re going to have company over, when you don’t have enough room and when you want to organize on a budget. If you want to store dog treats at home, give one of these unique storage options a try!