Glamping, or glamour camping, has been taking the world by storm for the past couple of years. This activity allows you to get the camping experience, but with much more amenities. Instead of camping in tents in the middle of nowhere, you get to sleep in extravagant cabins. How fun is that? However, a trend even newer than glamping is glamping with pets! This trend encourages dog-owners to bring their pups along on their glamping adventures. Here are a few tips and ticks for glamping with your pooch:

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Pick the right spot

Picking the right spot for glamping with your pooch is so important! When taking your dog on the road with you, there are so many factors to consider. Does the glamping ground allow dogs? Is it rocky or flat? Are there large bodies of water? All of these things need to be taken into consideration. However, here are the two main factors:

  • Dog-friendly: Make sure that the camping ground both allows dogs and is safe for dogs. Ask about the wildlife in the area and check out the terrain before bringing your pooch.
  • Secluded: If you have a particularly noisy dog, it miAway from others if dog is loud

What to bring

Favorite toys
Dog food/snacks
Dog sunscreen


Keep an eye on area rules (leash laws/areas of camp)
Watch out for wildlife
Watch the weather
Be sure your dog is vaccinated

Going glamping with your dog can be such a wonderful bonding experience! Don’t miss out! However, if you do take your furry four-legged friend with you, be sure to choose a safe, dog-friendly area and to bring snacks to keep your doggie occupied.