Cleaning your cocker spaniel’s eyes regularly is an important part of their grooming schedule. In this guide, we are going to discuss how to do that effectively.

Steps to Cleaning Cocker Spaniel Eyes

First, go to your veterinarian to ask about the best sterile saline solution you can use for your pet. You may also ask about the overall regular care of your dog’s eyes. This may even involve asking for recommendations about shampoos that will not cause eye irritation, for example. Have a list of questions ready to ensure that you remember to ask them.

Second, use the saline solution for pet eye wash, whatever was prescribed and according to how it was prescribed. You have to do it by putting a few drops on a cotton ball. Make sure that the cotton ball(s) used are properly moistened, but not dripping.

Third, use each cotton ball to wipe one eye from the inner corners of the eye, and then moving outward. Be gentle because you are handling a delicate body part. Being gentle will also keep your dog calm and trusting. Cleaning cocker spaniel eyes should be done with utmost care. Use a different, moistened cotton ball for the other eye.

Fourth, invest in a special pet eye wipe package. This is what you will use to wipe eye stains. Why is there a need to use these special wipes? These wipes have dog-safe ingredients that can bleach out the stains while also getting rid of bacteria. They contain boric acid as their active ingredient. Boric acid is safe for your dog. However, you should still be careful not to get it inside your dog’s eyes.

Fifth, use a flea comb to remove dried eye discharge that was not wiped away by the solution and the special wipes earlier. Again, ensure that the comb does not go in the eye.

Sixth, trim hairs near your cocker spaniel’s eyes. Its breed will make it grow long fur that can irritate their eyes. Using a damp cloth, wipe the cut hair from where it falls. The trimming may be done right before a bath, but it still best to keep the cut hair away from areas that may possibly let them slide down into your dog’s eyes.

Seventh, make cleaning cocker spaniel eyes a regular affair. You can prevent staining, for example, by using a washcloth to wipe your dog’s eyes every day. You can also add an ophthalmic ointment (get this approved by your veterinarian if you are hesitant) onto your dog’s eyes. This will prevent your eyes from getting irritated during its bath. An alternative to this is buying a tear-free shampoo for your dog. A different cotton ball should be used for each eye. This way, if one is infected, it will not affect the other eye as well.

Eighth, continue to monitor your cocker spaniel’s eyes. If you find a reddish eye discharge, go to your veterinarian to have oral medication prescribed for it. It may take four weeks for such a solution to work, but that is better than just letting your dog suffer from possible complications.

Ninth, bring your cocker spaniel to vet regularly, for eye and general checkups. Your dog is prone to eye problems, such as cataracts, entropion, and glaucoma. The sessions can also be used to ensure that you are cleaning your dog’s eyes the right way.

Cleaning cocker spaniel eyes should be part of its regular grooming. While most of the spotlight is on the long fur of this breed, you should never forget that caring includes all aspects of its health. The eyes are very vital parts of both animals and humans. They should be taken care of the proper way.