Did you know that the American cocker spaniel is one of the most popular breeds in the country? It’s easy to understand why! Their coats are lush and shiny, they have gentle personalities and they absolutely love people! We highly recommend getting a cocker spaniel if you’re looking for a dog. However, along with getting a beautiful cocker spaniel comes the need for grooming. With such long coats, there are quite a few rules to follow when it comes to grooming your cocker spaniel. Here are some tips to make bath time a bit easier:

Start grooming while your cocker spaniel is a puppy

The best tip is to start grooming your puppy while they are still young. This will ensure that they can gradually get used to baths and grooming tools so they don’t seem so scary.

Commit to daily grooming or opt for a perpetual “puppy cut”

American cocker spaniels have quite long, lush coats. Without daily brushes, these coats can easily become matted. It’s best to either groom your cocker spaniel daily or opt for a “puppy cut” at the barbers if you don’t have time.

Brush matted fur before bathing

If your cocker spaniel puppy has matted fur, brush it before washing! If you wash tangled fur, it will just stick together even more and make it impossible to get out.

Use the right tools

In addition to shampoos, conditioners, and scissors, you will need three types of tools for cocker spaniel grooming: a slicker brush (tangles), bristle brush (dead hair) and a pin brush

Use products rich in protein

Be sure that the shampoos and conditioners you use while grooming your cocker spaniel are dog-friendly and rich in protein.

Use liquid detangler

Liquid detangler is a godsend when it comes to cocker spaniel grooming! It’s easy for a cocker spaniel’s hair to become matted while bathing. Liquid detangler can melt the tangles away before you even begin combing!

Dry your cocker spaniel’s ears

Cocker spaniels have very long, hairy and delicate ears. Be sure to dry them thoroughly after bath time! Wet dog ears are a magnet for bacteria. Also, it’s important that you know how to spot infections in your cocker spaniel ears.

Be sure to brush both outer and under coats

American cocker spaniels are unique because they have both an outer count and an under coat. A common mistake cocker spaniel owners make is only brushing the outer coat. Be sure to dig deep and brush the undercoat, too.

Grooming your dog doesn’t need to be a dreaded activity if you know what to do. Be sure to follow these tips the next time you groom your American cocker spaniel!