Cocker spaniels were initially trained as hunting dogs. Today, they are cared for as house pets, but still remain highly trainable. Their long, luxurious fur need frequent grooming. With the best shampoo for cocker spaniels, their coats remain soft and silky.

Here are the five best shampoos for cocker spaniels:

For soap-free cleansing and moisturizing, this shampoo is great. It has been specially formulated to be gentle on the skin. It can even be used on cocker spaniels that are suffering from a skin infection.

What makes this shampoo suitable to cocker spaniels is that it does not strip fur even with frequent use. Its variations currently stand at an almost perfect five-star rating at Amazon. Consumer feedback reveals that it has made their pets’ fur a lot healthier, with its deep cleaning capability.

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From the very name of this shampoo, you will know that it is all-natural. It is also hypo-allergenic. So, it can soothe the allergy-sensitive skin of cocker spaniels, as well as provide a heavenly scent. The scents come in a few variations: lemongrass and lavender are just a few of the options you have.

Vegans will be happy about the non-toxic, vegan ingredients of this shampoo. It makes use of safely formulated essential oils. These essential oils even have extra benefits. For example, lemongrass can act as a flea deterrent. The manufacturers of 4Legger are proud to say that they have been producing shampoos that not only focus on attractiveness but primarily on your dog’s health. This may just well be the best shampoo for cocker spaniels if you are a vegan.

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This shampoo is sulfate-free and gentle. What does sulfate-free mean? It means that it does not strip the fur of its natural oils. So, using this shampoo for deep cleaning will not dry your cocker spaniels’ hair.

The Isle of Dogs keratin shampoo is also paraben-free. Parabens are chemicals with disruptive effects on hormones. They can also cause hormonal imbalances in humans. With the Isle of Dogs products, you can be assured that the parabens have not been replaced with more dangerous chemicals. This is the practice of some manufacturers.

This shampoo is mostly available in oatmeal variants. It is also available in tear-free formulas, directed at puppies. For puppy owners, it certainly will make it rank as the best shampoo for cocker spaniels.

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This shampoo and conditioner combo is recommended by vets. Its PH balanced formula ensures that you can use it for pets that have allergies. It has no artificial colors and fragrances. This Pro Pet Works shampoo has been described explicitly as paraben-free. So, you can be sure that your dog will not be exposed to harsh chemicals.

When picking a variant for your cocker spaniel, consider the Dry, Sensitive, and Itchy skin options. Whichever you use, you can be sure that your pet will be provided with a soothing, deodorizing shampoo.

Pet owners have mostly been thrilled that their dogs have lost the wet dog smell, while the itching has stopped. This shampoo and conditioner combo can be safely used together with flea treatments. For combo lovers, this is the best shampoo for cocker spaniels.

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This shampoo is formulated to be used by both cats and dogs. However, your cocker spaniels should love it more. It helps restore moisture on dry and sensitive skin. Because of this, it also provides itch relief.

Using this soap-free formula can be satisfying as you can work it up to a rich lather. Not only that, but this formula can also be used together with your topical flea treatments.

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There are several dog shampoos out there. Some of them have really refreshing fragrances and may even be sold in fancy packaging. The above shampoos, however, tick all the boxes for healthy, clean-smelling, safe, chemical-free, and veterinarian-approved. It is from this list that you can choose the best shampoo for cocker spaniels.