One of the hardest parts of being a pet parent is leaving them at home while you go about your work. While cocker spaniels have great adaptability to home living, they can have very low tolerance to being alone. This might trigger anxiety, which in turn would make you anxious, too. They are also really energetic, and can potentially become too active if they become uneasy.

Leaving your cocker might be not sit well with you, but nowadays there are modern solutions that will keep you and your dog at ease about leaving them for a few hours, while you are at work or have important things to attend to. Owning a pet camera is a good alternative to leaving them under the care of a pet sitter, because some of these devices are interactive and ensures your pet is safe and snug at home.



Here are some pet cameras that offer the best in terms of pet surveillance, so you can stop worrying about leaving them home:

• PetChatz Pet Treat Camera

PetChatz has designed a pet camera that has a video chat functionality that enables your dog to see you, putting their anxiety at ease since this camera gives the impression that you are there. It is also capable of releasing a relaxing aromatherapy that soothes their senses and calms them down.

• Furbo Dog Camera

Your cocker spaniel will definitely be well-monitored with this pet camera. It can be easily setup and is user-friendly. Furbo can send barking alerts on your phone, which is a great reminder for you to check on your dog through the video stream, even if you are busy working. It is also able to give out treats to your dog by using the Furbo app that lets you be in control.

• YI Dome Camera

The YI Dome boasts a 720p HD camera with a 360-degree angle capability so you can see your pet even if they are up and about. This cam is also complete with night vision and has a two-way audio so your cocker can hear you and obey you even if you are not there with him physically.



Pet cams are aplenty, and choosing one can be a daunting task. Here are some tips so you can evaluate the best pet cam for you and your dog:

• Two-way communication. A pet camera that has dual voice capability, or has a two-way video chat is advisable, since your pet can benefit from interacting with you. This helps them calm down and eases their anxiety about being left alone.
• Motion sensors and bark alerts. A good pet camera is equipped with necessary motion and noise sensors that sends alerts directly to your phone so you know whenever your dog is moving around the house, or is trying to communicate something with you.
• Video recording and playback. Like any security camera, pet cameras should also have a recording feature that allows you to save video clips on a cloud for later access.

Pet cameras are the modern way of looking after your beloved furry baby, so keep one at home especially if your work requires you to be away from your pet for a few hours. You get plenty of choices out in the market, so choose wisely and pick the camera that has all the features you need for your cocker. Pet cameras give you peace of mind and ensures your dog’s safety, so it’s a wise buy for any pet owner out there.